Sustainability for very, very lazy people


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For all the couch potatoes currently lounging in their living room and snacking on Doritos, here is some great news: living sustainably has become a lot more comfortable and convenient than polluting!

Below are 12 easy tips that the laziest individuals can perform to live sustainably and move us one step closer to protecting the planet:

1. Unplug appliances, such as phone chargers and televisions, when they are not needed. Using a power strip to plug your devices into allows you to easily turn them off with one switch.

2. Take shorter showers. The faster you shower, the faster you can prevent your younger sibling from stealing your spot on the couch!

3. Turn off the lights when you no longer need them. It will create a cozier environment for watching movies!

4. Print less! Writing down necessary information in a notebook or on your phone is more efficient and allows you to stay on that comfy couch of yours.

5. Use refillable water bottles: It will save you many trips to the grocery store to buy disposable water bottles.

6. Air dry! Why waste time buying laundry detergent or blowdrying your hair when letting your clothes and hair dry naturally requires little to no effort?

7. Stop littering: Throw your garbage into a trash can to prevent a polluted neighborhood and a dirty home. Nobody wants to watch TV in a filthy and smelly living room!

8. Go paperless! Paying your bills online is faster and more efficient, letting you to return to your favorite TV show within minutes.

9. Save yourself the effort of throwing away disposable plastic bags by shopping with reusable bags!

10. Drive less: Use alternative forms of transportations, such as public transport, bikes, or walking, for a more relaxing and enjoyable experience.

11. Recycle: Placing trash in its proper container requires less energy than carrying a huge bag of mixed trash.

12. Share interesting posts on social media. If you see a compelling video about climate change, don’t just like it; share it! Helping your friends become aware of environmental issues is only a few clicks away!

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